The Meal o f the Kin(g)dom

Why, at the Last Supper (according to the earliest account we have of it in Paul's first letter to the church in Corinth) did Jesus ask us to remember him with a meal of bread and drink? Perhaps it was because meals were such an important part of his ministry. For Jesus the meal was a deliberate mission strategy... Read More


What Would Jesus Trash?

Jesus’ action in the temple is a carefully thought out prophetic act that challenges the legitimacy of the normal operation of the temple. It arises from a deep sense of anger - holy anger, moral indignation, and righteous outrage – but it is thoroughly thought-through and carefully planned. What, I wonder, would... Read More


New Life from Dry Bones

Just when our bones are dry and our hope is gone, just when our illusions are shattered on the floor like a broken pain of glass, then it may be that the reality of the life-giving Spirit of God may come to us, and put new flesh on our dry bones, and breath new spirit into what seemed dead and lost. Read More


I Once Was Blind, But Now...?

Jesus came to bring sight to those who cannot see, and to question the vision of those who think they do see. Perhaps singing the old hymn, "I once was blind, but now I see" is too arrogant. Perhaps spiritual health comes when we realize that what we see is influenced by our gender, race, class, sexual orientation... Read More


Watershed Discipleship

Today, Jesus is meeting us beside the springs and streams and lakes of our watersheds just as he met the Samaritan woman beside Jacob’s well. Will we recognize the moment? Will we respond as faithfully, as did that outcast woman from long ago? To read this message click on the download link. Read More


How Can We Be Born Again?

To be open to God’s future we need to be open to the movement of God’s unpredictable Spirit, especially at times when we think the future is closed. It is when the future seems predictable that we most need to be reminded that the future is open, we can be born anew, and that birth can come in the midst of... Read More


Wilderness Time

Why did the Spirit of God lead Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil? Naming, facing and rejecting our temptations are the ways we let go of the patterns of thinking and living that keep us enslaved to the way things have been, and set ourselves free. This sermon explores how wilderness time can... Read More