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Thinking Like Zombies

Zombie movies, TV shows, costumes (even zombie weddings!) are a $5.4 billion dollar industry, according to the Wall Street Journal. Why? I am interested in what the zombie phenomenon says about our fears: epidemics, the complexity of our society, social dislocation, and those we don't understand. In this sermon I... Read More


Your Will Be Done

Jesus taught us to pray that God’s will be done. Some people might think that prayer is asking that God magically ensure that his will is accomplished. But I think it is primarily a personal commitment to do God’s will. To pray God’s will be done is to set our personal intention to do God’s will in our lives. But... Read More


Dominion from Sea to Sea

To be Christ’s dominion, our country must be a place where the poor are treated with generosity and the cruel and greedy are restrained in their abuse of power. Our country must be a place of ecological well-being, where the mountains and the hills are fertile and lush, yielding their prosperity year after year.... Read More


Listening for the Call

God doesn’t just call prophets. God calls all of us. Deep within us is the impulse, the hunger, the thirst towards life in its fullness, that if we are attentive, we will recognize as the call of God. William James defined religion as “the attempt to be in harmony with an unseen order of things” and at their... Read More


God's Gifts and God's Call

We are surrounded, constantly by messages. Some of them are electronic, some of them are on paper, some of them are verbal, but some of them are also spiritual. Some of the messages are holy calls. God speaks to us, all of us, in that still, small voice that can be so easily overlooked. Christ stands at the door... Read More


Breaking Barriers

There are times when people connect with each other with rare honesty, vulnerability and trust. I think of those connections as holy moments, times in which the Spirit was at work, creating community: communion through communication. I have had many such moments, moments when people have trusted me with their... Read More

Absence presence

Absent Yet Present

   While Jesus’ body was important and his death was a great crime, and a profound loss, his Spirit continues to live on in a very real way, among those who remember and follow him. And because he is no longer with us in the flesh, his Spirit is not limited to one place or one time. Because he has gone to his... Read More


Children of Spirit

Our faith family reminds us that however normal we may think we are, we all come from dysfunctional families, and we need to live by grace, forgiveness and generosity. At the same time, we can look back on a greater history than that of our own ancestry and that history can give us a moral and spiritual compass to... Read More


Life is Too Important to be Taken Seriously!

On this day to celebrate the gift of humour, I hope to convince you, not with solemn argument, but with a demonstration of the power of laughter, that life is just too important to take too seriously, and that we in the church should be the last to take ourselves too seriously. We do, after all, worship a God who... Read More


The Easter Earthquake

When the stone was rolled away from Jesus tomb, and the earth shook, we got a glimpse of a strange and different world, a world where the powers of death do not have the last word, where injustice does not triumph, where all that is unfair and wrong and heart-breaking is being put right by the action of a... Read More