Hello, and welcome!
This page is dedicated to young people and young families in Red Deer that value an open, inclusive, and progressive way of being. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual life, our hope is that you feel welcome to join this community and journey with us. Throughout this summer and into the fall, our First Third Ministry leader, Aleesha, will be engaging with folks to determine what the greatest needs of young people are right now, what really matters to them, and what it means to be a church in our world today.
We are carefully considering what programs and events will help build bridges in our community, provide support and care, and give those who come a sense of safety and belonging. Please reach out to share your voice and help us shape what this ministry will become.
Get In Touch

Send an email to firstthirdministry@sunnybrookunited.org or click the links below to connect with Aleesha and this ministry!

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