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A Journey
Just Begun

I wonder if you have mixed feelings when the season of Lent rolls around. After all, ‘tis the season for reflection, fasting, prayer, repentance . . . oh my! It all sounds rather gloomy, and just when our days are getting longer, we are easing out of our extremely cold temperatures, and there is some hope in the air that spring is around the corner.

Well, take heart. If we are to change up the language a bit, our Lenten practices are simply about creating space to reflect on our relationships with each other and with creation, and to rediscover the holy in the ordinary. It’s about incorporating mindfulness exercises into our daily routines, so we might discover what we need to let go of, and what new direction may
be calling our name.

Our Lenten journey began this week with our Ash Wednesday service. The symbols of water and ashes incorporated into that service help set the tone for our reflections and practices. It’s about washing away all that’s not working for us or for our community, resetting our course, and beginning again. We are reminded of both our spiritual gifts and our human mortality. We are reminded of the challenges that come with following in the way of Jesus.

What I like the most about Lent is learning from a diverse group of travelling companions – all of you. We are not alone on this journey. At Sunnybrook there are opportunities to walk together, reflect together, worship together, and be creative together. This year our spiritual practices will be focusing on creation and the challenges set before us for caring for our
planet. Come join us. The journey has just begun.

Peace and joy,