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Who Do You Say
That I Am

When you introduce yourself, what is the first thing you say after you share your name? This week I’m asking folks to think about their identity as we round the corner on Epiphany and turn towards the season of Lent next week.

We have been discovering that our identity is not always easy to pin down. Sometimes it’s associated with the work we do or the significant relationships in our lives. Sometimes identity is associated with our family, or the land we call home. One thing for sure, how we name who we are changes through the different ages and stages of our lives. We have also discovered that even though we show up in the world differently over time, there is a core part of our identity that remains the same and helps to keep us grounded.

The season of Epiphany has been about light and revelation. We have heard stories of call, teaching, and healing, all with the purpose of revealing aspects of Jesus’ identity. We end the season with the most spectacular display of light and revelation yet, in the transfiguration story. Jesus takes three of his disciples up on a high mountain where they see him become dazzling
white, standing in the company of Elijah and Moses. Surely the disciples can’t miss the significance of Jesus’ identity in this story as he is associated with these prophets and is proclaimed to be God’s beloved Son.

I invite you to think about your own identity, but not just how you show up in the world or who you are associated with. Spend some time remembering your core identity – the part that never changes – the part that claims you as beloved.

Peace and joy,