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Christian Family

Within United Church circles, this Sunday is most often referred to as Christian Family Sunday. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate family in all the variety and quirkiness we experience that.

As I was thinking of the definition of family, the song Draw the Circle Wide, popped into my head. We might first draw the family circle to include those we are related to by birth or adoption and with whom we live in a family unit. But if we
use our imagination we could draw the circle wider to include those who treat us like family, or those we treat as family. In other words, those who are in a trusting relationship with us,
and with whom we feel a sense of belonging.

Perhaps our Christian faith is challenging us to draw the circle wider still. We believe that as children of God we are all part of this worldwide sacred family. Yes, thats right everybody in! I wonder what that would look like. Just like every other circle, that would have to be built with love, trust, grace, and forgiveness.

Being family together can be hard sometimes. Things can go sideways even within our closest relationships. One of the perks of being connected to a faith family is knowing that within that wider circle, we are here for each other with support and care when we need it most. We are called to be kin to one another by a loving Creator, parent of us all.

No matter which circle you find yourself in this weekend family unit, close friends, faith family, or out and about in the world, I hope you can take some time to celebrate the relationships that teach us how to love one another.

Peace and joy,

             Draw the Circle Wide MV 145

             Words and music: Gordon Light

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