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Known in the
Breaking of the


It is so wonderful to be able
to gather in our homes or special places again and share a meal together with friends or family. Somehow, sharing a common meal allows us to know each other better. Perhaps it has something to do with time carving out the time to be together, taking the time to select and prepare the ingredients, time to be nourished together, to savour the flavours and the conversation.

The post Easter biblical stories give us an idea of what the first Christiancommunities were like as they dedicated time to gather in the name of the risen Christ to hear the Hebrew Scriptures and to break bread together. Their practices were based on Jesus example of eating at table with friends and outcasts alike. It was an experience of inclusivity and hospitality where they came to know each otherand the spirit of Gods grace among them.

Over time the practice of breaking bread together has become an important sacrament that still brings us together to remember our identity as a covenant people of God. It remains a common meal that reminds us of Jesus ministry of
inclusivity and hospitality. In the breaking of the bread Christ is known, and we come to know the spirit of Gods grace among us.

Lets remember the importance of taking the time to share a meal, or a coffee, or a favorite treat with each other. Perhaps it
will not only be a way to get to know another, but also a spiritual practice that opens our hearts to holy mystery.

Peace and joy,