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Epiphany 2
Christmas is beginning to fade into the background, but the light and curiosity of Epiphany is leading us on to new discoveries. In this season I am inviting you to pay attention to what you are curious about.

John 1:29-42, the gospel reading this week, is about identity and call. John the Baptizer identifies Jesus as the one more important than himself the Son of God who will baptize with the Holy Spirit. John encouraged his own disciples to
leave him and begin following this new bright

There are two phrases in this passage that have caught my attention as a challenge and an invitation. The challenge is, What are you looking for? This question is directed to the first two disciples as they began following Jesus. The story has Jesus asking this very good question: What are you looking for? In other words, What are you curious about? What do you want to know? What do you want to learn? The challenge is to be able to articulate our own spiritual longing.

The second phrase, the invitation, is to come and see. A light can reveal many things before us, but we need to accept the invitation to come and see in order to become all we are meant to be. Sometimes we dont know what we are looking for until we step into the light and simply begin.

This Sunday we will continue to shed more light on children, youth, and young adult ministries. What are we looking for? What would that look like? How can we nurture the spiritual longings of all ages? I hope you can come and see, and that you will bring along your own curiosity about ouridentity as Sunnybrook United.

Peace and joy,