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Harvest Time

Our little patch of garden has produced a bumper crop of potatoes which we have proudly shared with our neighbours. With any luck, the potato plants have also injected some much-needed nutrients into the soil. We have visions of carrots, peas,
and beans in our future too. However, for this year we will enjoy the fruits of this summers labour.

Earlier this year the Minute for Mother Earth monthly messages in worship encouraged us with our plans to plant trees
and create a small garden for vegetables. It has been a great summer to be out in our yard, digging in the dirt, and watching things grow.
There are many easy ways to connect with Mother Nature and it is so essential for us to do that, now more than ever. We are more likely to care for the earth when we nurture a relationship with the natural world, like digging in and getting our hands into the soil. We need the earth, and the earth needs us. As it turns out, whats good for the garden, is good
for the soul.

If you are interested in exploring this reciprocal relationship with the earth, I hope you will consider our Book Study on Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerers wonderful book, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. American journalist and author Elizabeth Gilbert has called this book a hymn of love to the world. The Book Study begins September 15, and you can find the details in this edition of The Perk, on page 5.

Peace and joy,