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Many Hands
Make Light


National Volunteer Week is April 24 to 30, and so this Sunday we will be acknowledging the many volunteers engaged in the life and work of Sunnybrook United. Every group knows how important the volunteers are to their organization. Besides
sharing the work that needs to be done, volunteers help build community, and their individual energy and enthusiasm contributes to the overall nature of the organization.

When people volunteer within a faith community, it’s usually about more than just getting the work done. We usually step in because it is something we believe in and it’s a way of sharing our gifts. Building community, making connections, and caring for one another are all ways that we experience holy mystery. We all carry a piece of the puzzle and there is so much we can learn from one another. It’s about giving and receiving. You might remember the song, The Spirit in Me Greets
the Spirit in You, by Jim and Jean Strathdee. I think that song is a great descriptor of what happens when we volunteer. God’s in us and we’re in God.

In this upcoming week, I invite you to consider what your gifts are and where your interests lie. We all have a lot to share and there are so many ways to engage in the life and work of Sunnybrook. Weare so grateful for everyone and for everything we are able to accomplish because of the work we do together. I continue to be amazed at the enthusiastic leadership offered by so many.

In gratitude.