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A lot has changed along our Lenten walks since we began on March 6. The open water now has invited a few different companions to show up beside us. It is always reassuring to see our migratory friends join us once again along our riverbanks and beside lakes. Even though geese can be rather noisy and messy, there are some interesting things we can learn about them. One such fact is that when one goose is injured, other geese will stay with it until it dies or can rejoin the flock.

Our Lenten study group talked about compassion this week. There are a variety of ways we show compassion toward others, but what is most important is really the simplest – to listen deeply to one another and learn to walk alongside or accompany someone on their journey. It seems that geese have that figured out very well. No one is left alone when they are hurting.
Sunnybrook seems to have that figured out too. If nothing else, a faith community should be about walking alongside one another, and listening deeply.

Peace and joy,