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What comes to mind when
you hear the word, Extravagant? Typically, our minds go directly to a great expenditure of money. I usually think of someone throwing caution to the wind and spending a large sum on something; not out of need,
but out of the desire to
demonstrate the value or importance of something. Justification of such expenditures may indeed
be another part of the story, depending on the circumstances.

Our gospel reading this week is the story of Marys act of extravagance, anointing Jesus feet with very expensive perfume. The disciples kept a common purse and so Judas was quick to criticize Mary for her extravagance, suggesting the money used to buy the expensive perfume could have been given to the poor. Lets remember that Judas was the one who controlled the purse strings, and he was known for stealing from the common purse. Was he really criticizing Marys act, or just being

Marys action was an extraordinary act of devotion. It was about compassion and generosity in response to Jesus life among them. The value to her was beyond measure. Gods love and grace is abundant and extravagant, just like Marys extravagant anointing of Jesus priceless.

Peace and Joy,