If you are considering a baptism for your child or children,


We hope the following information will help you understand more

about this important life ritual. 

Baptism Guidelines

 Parents requesting baptism are required to meet the following guidelines: 

  • Be active participants in congregational life -- e.g. attend worship, participate in programs, support the congregation with leadership and/or financial resources
  • Or, if they are not currently active, participate in a membership course to ascertain whether they want to belong to and raise their child within the Christian church
  • And participate in a baptism preparation evening with the minister and a representative from the Worship Committee. 

Parents living outside the boundaries of Red Deer who want to baptize their children in this congregation must meet the following guidelines: 

  • Be active participants in a congregation near their home
  • Identify their home church so that we may seek permission of that church to baptize the child on their behalf
  • Have the baptism certificate delivered to them by the home congregation. 

About the Baptism Service

  •  The number of families having a baptism per Sunday is limited to 4, so as to maintain a more intimate atmosphere for the ritual.
  • Baptisms happen when all members of the congregation, including children, are present.
  • As a part of the baptism, a candle is lit to symbolize the light of God active in this child's life.
  • A brief introduction of the family may be offered as they are brought forward.
  • All members of the child's immediate family are encouraged to come forward for the ritual.
  • Photos may be taken after the worship service concludes, with the minister providing time and space. 

For More Information: Please contact the church by phone 403-347-6073 or e-mail office@sunnybrookunited.org to discuss the details.