Umbilical Living

Each of us carries with us every day of our lives a reminder of this state of grace in which we live. It is known as the bellybutton, the navel or the umbilicus. The navel is a scar that serves absolutely no purpose other than to remind us that once, we received all of our nourishment from the cord which was once... Read More

2018 worlds religion conference

Living a Meaningful Life

This is a presentation made as part of the World Religions Conference at Red Deer College on October 22, 2018. Presentations were also made by Humanist, Jewish and Muslim leaders. "A sense of the meaning of life is not like a possession that we can acquire and carry around in our back pocket; rather, it is more... Read More


Wondering Where I'm Bound

This is a presentation made as part of an Interfaith Dialogue, held as part of the Aging Well series at Sunnybrook United Church in October, 2018 There is a song we sing in the United Church that celebrates how God accompanies us in each stage of the life cycle: I was there to hear your borning cry; I was there in... Read More


Of Sheep and Goats

When we move past a simple charity response, to building relationships with impoverished people, one of the things we discover is that we also gain a great deal ourselves. We have a sense of having encountered something truly holy. We discover in our relationships of compassion and solidarity that we are not just... Read More


Overflowing Thanksgiving

Without the sense that things could be different, that we could easily be the person who fell among thieves, unless we learn not to take all the blessings in our lives for granted, we will never know either thanksgiving or kindness. And without the overflowing thanksgiving that splashes out kindness, without... Read More