Bring on the

Pentecost comes approximately 50 days or 7 weeks after Easter. It is also known as the Jewish festival Shavuot, the Festival of Weeks. For us, Pentecost is often referred to as the Birthday of the Church. We remember the story of the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples in wind and fire,and accompanying them as they were sent out
to proclaim the good news far and wide. We decorate the church in red and remember the story offlames dancing over the heads of the disciples. 

How appropriate then, that we will be welcoming new members into this Sunnybrook family on Pentecost Sunday. Some have been with us for a while, and some are brand new. Its wonderful to see the intention and the gratitude that accompanies their desire to become members of our church.

As we slowly come out of these pandemic times, dust ourselves off, and greet one another in person again, we see that we are different than we were before. We are different individually and we are different as a congregation. Change happens with any passage of time, but perhaps it is more significant for us in this moment because of all we have learned and lost over the last 2+ years.
We wholeheartedly welcome these new members among us and invite them to share the gifts of who they are in the life, work, and worship of Sunnybrook. We are different because you are with us, and we are enriched by your presence!
Peace and joy,