Message from the Minister

Our first stop on the liturgical calendar inJanuary is Epiphany. Epiphany lands on January 6 each year, and the season afterEpiphany takes us to Transfiguration Sunday on February 19, followed by the season of Lent. The liturgical colour for the season after Epiphany is green, which symbolizes life, growth, and hope.
Epiphany begins with the story of the Magi who journeyed a long way following a star to find this Child of God, Jesus, and his family. This is a season of mystery and searching, but it is also a season of discovery, the claiming of gifts and new insights. With this in mind, it is appropriate that we are taking time during this season to consider what we are called to do and be in this community. In particular, we will be considering how we might offer programming once again to children, youth, and young families.
On January 8 we will have two guests with us from the Chinook Winds Region who work in the area of First Third Ministry (children, youth, young adults), and then on January 15 we will have more information to share with the congregation on the financial side of things. I look forward to hearing your ideas and new insights as wefigure out how we might claim and share our gifts within our vision and mission as Sunnybrook United.
With open hearts and minds, we can be ready to explore new epiphanies that come our way. I hope this will be a season of discovery, wonderment, and awe-filled moments for you. Happy stargazing!
Peace and joy,