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Invitation to

It’s easy for congregations to focus on what goes on inside the church building. This year’s stewardship theme is an invitation toimagine the possibilities that are waiting forus outside our front door.

You will have received our stewardshipinformation by email this week. As always,we begin with our sincere gratitude for all
the ways we contribute to the life and workof Sunnybrook. Your support enables us tocontinue creating meaningful Sunday
Worship, interesting Study Groups, offerCongregational Care, and support people helping people in the Community.

Thanks to all our efforts together over this past year we are about two-thirds of our way toward our financial goals to grow a First Third Ministry once again here at Sunnybrook. This ministry to young adults and young families will take us outside our doors to make connections in the community in a variety of ways. We know this may look different than anything we have offered before, and it will take courage and commitment to make it happen. I am so excited that we are daring to imagine something new, and I am grateful for your ongoing support to make it happen.

I look forward to chatting with some of you at the coffee parties we have planned so far. It’s not too late to sign up for one if you haven’t done so already. This Sunday will have a Stewardship theme as we consider our goals for the coming year. November 26 will be our Gratitude Sunday when we will give thanks for our commitments to all we do within our walls, and the ministry we dare to imagine outside our front door.

Peace and joy,