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World Food DayThe theme for this year’s World Food Day is all about water – Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind. We are challenged to think about the ways we use this essential element for life, especially in the production of our food. Did you know that agriculture accounts for 72% of global freshwater withdrawals? All the ways we live are putting a lot of stress on
our world freshwater supplies, and yet in our little corner of the world, fresh water is something we often take for granted.

If you google World Food Day, you will find some encouraging stories of hope from around the world. They tell of how technology and innovation are being used to develop more sustainable practices when it comes to water.

We are delighted to welcome Doug Maas from the Canadian Food Grains Bank as our guest speaker once again this Sunday. The United Church of Canada is one of fifteen churches and church-based agencies partnering with the Canadian Food Grains Bank. The purpose of this work worldwide is to end global hunger. Doug will have some interesting and hopeful information to share that begins right here in central Alberta. I hope you can attend this Sunday to hear him speak.

There will be a soup and bun lunch following the service, and probably an opportunity to speak to Doug about his
presentation. Let’s take this opportunity on World Food Day (Oct. 16), to learn more about our food and water supplies. The more we learn, the more we are willing and able to address the needs of the most vulnerable among us on this planet.

Peace and joy,