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Autumn Equinox

I have to confess that I found myself in
the right place at the wrong time this week. The upside was that my mistake freed up a moment or two to stand in the gentle rain and take in the autumn beauty. So many shades of green and yellow, all at once! My busy day suddenly turned into a moment of gratitude. As I write this, I have discovered its World Gratitude Day (October 21). Howappropriate!

It is good to be reminded of the importance of practicing gratitude, and the benefits of going about our dayswith an attitude of abundance instead of scarcity. Thats the shift that happens when we are grateful.
Diana Butler Bass wrote a whole book
about gratitude called, Grateful: The Subversive Practice of Giving Thanks.
In her book she writes, Gratitude is resilience of sorts, the defiance of kindness in the face of anger, of connection in the face of division, and of hope in the face of fear . . . Gratitude empowers us. It makes joy and love possible. It rearranges the way we see and experience what is all around us. Gratitude makes all things new.

Making all things new seeing things in a new way, is really what we are all about this year in the Season of Creation. Perhaps on Saturday, which is the Autumn Equinox, you can take some time to be outside and to give thanks for the beauty of our fall landscape. Even on the days that are challenging, and when the news around the world is discouraging, there is still much to be thankful for. Gratitude will help us turn our fear into hope, and these days, we can surely all benefit from that.
Peace and joy,