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The Amazing
Human Race

I wonder how many of you, like
us, have been watching the Amazing Race Canada this summer. We have even been
recording it so we can watch it
after meetings. Even though we have been enjoying the amazing journey these couples have
endured, its probably a very good thing that next week is the final episode! The fall is quickly filling
up with so many other amazing things on my calendar.

Besides learning a lot about different parts of Canada, both Allan and I have been so impressed with how each team has learned to problem solve and support each other when frustration sets in. They have had to draw on each others gifts and passions, and they have gained life skills like tolerance, understanding, patience, and forgiveness. It hasnt always been easy, thats for sure.

I have been remembering a youth retreat I helped with many years ago. The theme was The Amazing Human Race. The youth were in teams and participated in several challenges that tested their teamwork. The challenges called for a variety of skills which enabled each person to contribute in their own way. They learned how amazing we humans can be when we work together.

Sometimes life can feel like a race of sorts, especially when we are faced with hardships, or circumstances that challenge our relationships or how we live. These are the times when we need to draw on our own capacity for tolerance, understanding,
patience, and forgiveness. Our faith story reminds us that we
are all held in Gods grace no matter what challenges stand
before us. That doesnt mean its easy. It just means we
humans can be pretty amazing when we learn to extend
that grace to one another.

Peace and joy,