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Let Justice and Peace
Flow Like a River

The ancient Greek philosopher,
Heraclitus, once said, You cant step in the same river twice. Thats a great image which helps us remember that time changes all things. Even when we repeat an experience, it will never be exactly the same. The constant flow of a river is always giving, taking, and changing, as it makes its way toward a large body of water.

There are many wonderful images of rivers in our scriptures that help us understand the life-giving qualities of holy mystery. We are now into the Season of Creation, a worldwide, ecumenical Christian celebration. From now until Thanksgiving we will be listening to our sacred stories in ways that remind us of our global connections as we strive to live in just ways to care for our common home. The theme for the Season of Creation this year is Let Justice and Peace Flow, animated by the symbol of a river. The theme is based on Isaiah 43:19 Look, I am doing something new! Now it springs forth cant you see it? I am making a road in the desert and setting rivers to flow in the wasteland.

Our day to day lives here in this city and in the surrounding areas are certainly enriched by the beautiful Red Deer River. As it winds its way through central Alberta, it sustains life in a variety of ways, and connects communities along the way. It is a living, changing, vibrant symbol standing before us, reminding us that our wellbeing is tied up with the wellbeing of the earth.

I encourage you to take some time this month to go stand by the river. I wonder what you will encounter. I guarantee it will be a different experience each time you go.

Peace and joy,