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The Heart of theMatter

So, look what happened this week!
Over several weeks now we have not paid much attention to the orchid buds sitting in our front window, until suddenly they opened up revealing the heart of their delicate beauty. Sometimes you must just stop and take in the awe and beauty that presents itself to you. Its so easy to get carried away in the busyness of schedules, and
walk on by the holy mystery that is at the heart of all we do. Then an orchid bud shows you its hidden secret and you marvel at the mysterious sacredness of all things.

These past few weeks our scripture readings have invited us to contemplate what is at the heart of the commandments, as revealed to us through the teachings of Jesus Sermon on the Mount. Jesus holds up the intent of the law and the words of the prophets, and then takes it further into his own ministry. As it is written, he imagines an alternative community, a different way of being and relating to one another.

There are challenging questions bubbling to the surface this week. The Seasons of the Spirit curriculum articulates them this way: How should we handle conflict and rivalries within the Body of Christ? What does it mean to hold fast to God from the heart? What does it mean to live in ways that restore relationships and strengthen community? We are asked to look deep into our own hearts to discover what is true for us. How can our decisions and actions be life-giving as opposed to death-dealing? How do we stay in touch with the holy mystery that is at the heart of all things?

May our spiritual practices help us reveal the hidden, sacred gifts that are ours to share.
Peace and joy,