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This week I am immersed in the work of Chinook Winds Region as we are meeting at Gaetz United for our annual meeting. This is the first time our region has attempted an in-person event for a couple of years, but alas, we are still not out of the woods so many are joining in online.

As chair of the theme and worship committee for this meeting, it has been a privilege for me to get to know our guest speaker, Rev. Janet Gear. Among many achievements, she was on the faculty at Vancouver School of Theology for a number of years and served on the Theology and Faith Committee of the United Church of Canada. Janets recent research on theological diversity in congregations has led her to publish The Theological Banquet as a tool for congregations to find the
language to talk about our differences and our common ground.

During our three-day meeting, we are learning about the five theological streams Janet has identified, considering our own lived experience in these streams, individually and as a region. At some point this will be a great conversation for us at Sunnybrook to explore. How do you like to step into your faith through worship, study groups, walking a labyrinth, attending a rally, serving at the food bank? Its all important, but its nice to know that as an individual you dont have to do it all. There is something for everyone, and we need to make room for everyones gifts and passions in
our faith communities.
I am grateful for Janets work and I am looking forward to exploring the ways we can all learn from one another at the theological banquet.

I will be attending the Celebration of Ministry Service at Gaetz Memorial United Church this Sunday at 10 a.m. All are welcome to attend this special service. We will also continue to offer regular service at 10:30 a.m. at Sunnybrook with Rev. RossSmillie.

Peace and joy,