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Minister's Message from Weekly Perk

To see or not to see, that is the question!

Sorry for the misquote, Shakespeare, but I couldn’t resist.
Our gospel reading for this Sunday prompts us to aks all kinds of questions about what we see what w don't see and perhaps what we choose not to see.

This Sunday we will hear the story of Bartimaeus, the blind man who successfully catches Jesus
attention and has his sight restored. This is the second such story we have heard lately. Each one
serves to draw our attention to what is seen, or more accurately, what is understood about Jesus
identity. Once again the disciples seem to get a bad rap for not being able to grasp the full signifi-
cance of who Jesus is, even though there is nothing wrong with their eyesight.

This story invites us to consider our own ability or inability to see the significance of what is before
us. We are so intent on seeing the world through the lens of our own story, we forget to listen to the
stories of others. We are so intent on maintaining the lifestyle to which we are accustomed, we often
dont see the casualties left in our wake.

Much has changed in cities, towns, and counties across Alberta this week. There seems to be new
energy for cooperation and positive directions forward. May we go into the coming days with eyes
wide open to see and understand the full significance of the chal-
lenges that lie ahead of us.

Peace and joy,