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The story of Christmas tells that God enters human life as a vulnerable baby, and in the weakness of that child is the real nature of divine power. Jesus’ life began in the vulnerability of infancy. But he became more vulnerable still when his family was forced to flee to Egypt to escape the murderous intentions of Herod. Jesus, Mary and Joseph became refugees. But that story is not just an isolated event. It has happened over and over, and it continues to happen today. Around the world right now, the angel delivers its warning, on average, to 45,000 people every day. The story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph shapes our way of thinking about vulnerable people. Some people think of refugees as criminals or intruders, blaming them for their circumstances, thinking that if only we build the right kind of wall, they will stay home or go somewhere else. This story encourages us to see refugees as the beloved children of God, cultivate our empathy and find ways, even in challenging circumstances to treat them with dignity.