Living Beyond Fear and Doubt

A person who feels no fear, ever, is a foolish person. A healthy fear of traffic, for example, teaches us to look both ways before we cross the street. A healthy fear of gravity teaches you to acquire certain skills before you point your skis or your board down a steep hill. But without pushing the boundaries of... Read More

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Easter Stories: Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

It was 50 years ago this past week that Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot by a sniper while helping organize a non-violent direct action campaign in Memphis, Tennessee. He once said that Christians are supposed to be thermostats rather than thermometers. Thermometers simply adapt to the temperature of the room, but... Read More


Not in Vain!

On that first Good Friday, Jesus’ life seemed to have been in vain. The powers of fear and death had done their worst. He had died a shameful death. But Friday is not the end of the story and the power of fear did not have the last word. On Good Friday, all of his work and teaching and healing seemed to have been... Read More


Transforming the Agony of the World

Jesus on the cross is a powerful symbol of the agony of the world: the suffering of women in restrictive cultures, the suffering of children forced to become child soldiers, child prostitutes or child laborers, the suffering of men working in appalling conditions; the suffering of animals raised in inhumane... Read More


A View from the Underside

We tell the story of Jesus' last week, not because it is pretty, or because we like hearing it. It is not pretty and it is very hard to hear. We tell it because it is real, because this is the way life is for many. Not everybody wins. Some people, even most people, lose. And eventually, we all lose. We all die. We... Read More


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

When I think of how complex and intricate the body is, it is amazing to me that I am alive at all, let alone that things work as well as they do. Truly, I am wonderfully made. And so are you! Of course with so much going on, it is not surprising that things go wrong sometimes, and here is the fearful part: we all... Read More


A New Vision

A church that takes Jesus' call to participate in God's kingdom of healing and transformation seriously should be a community in which people are invited and guided to risk exposing their souls. Such a community needs to be both a safe place, but also a courageous place, a circle of trust. A community like that... Read More


Baptism by Water AND Spirit

The Spirit connects us to each other, it brings about justice, it breaks down barriers of race, tribe and economic status, and it connects us to the earth. To be baptized in the Spirit is to let that Spirit inside of us, so that we care about those things, and act as God’s agents of compassion, community and creation. Read More


Herods, New and Old

It takes the Wise Men from the East some time to realize that the new king of the Jews will be not just a new king, but a new kind of king: a king who will rule through the power of love rather than force and fear. This new kind of king does not live on a palace on top of a hill, but among his people in the... Read More


A Life Worth Living

The Way of Jesus is a way worth walking because in allying ourselves with a God who loves the world passionately, we participate in God’s plan to resist evil, to bring God’s kingdom of love into being. That is why J.R.R. Tolkein portrays the Way of Jesus through stories of Hobbits who get caught up in an ancient... Read More