Baptism by Water AND Spirit

The Spirit connects us to each other, it brings about justice, it breaks down barriers of race, tribe and economic status, and it connects us to the earth. To be baptized in the Spirit is to let that Spirit inside of us, so that we care about those things, and acts as God’s agents of compassion, community and creation. Read More


Herods, New and Old

It takes the Wise Men from the East some time to realize that the new king of the Jews will be not just a new king, but a new kind of king: a king who will rule through the power of love rather than force and fear. This new kind of king does not live on a palace on top of a hill, but among his people in the... Read More


A Life Worth Living

The Way of Jesus is a way worth walking because in allying ourselves with a God who loves the world passionately, we participate in God’s plan to resist evil, to bring God’s kingdom of love into being. That is why J.R.R. Tolkein portrays the Way of Jesus through stories of Hobbits who get caught up in an ancient... Read More


I Will Ride With You

Jesus' birth is good news for all: not just for some, but for all, for the shepherds as well as the kings, for the homeless as well as those living in mansions, for the most impoverished as well as for the most wealthy. And because it is good news for all, it is good news for you, for you personally, for you,... Read More


Good News!

It is a constant human temptation to seek salvation by separating ourselves from the ordinary. We look for salvation through amassing power or wealth, through great accomplishments and high honours. But Jesus (a name which means Saviour) is born and he lives and he dies in one small country, in an obscure corner... Read More


The Conception of Justice

God acts in the world, not by dropping things on us fully formed and fully grown, but by conceiving things small. The new world won’t drop out of heaven like an asteroid, but will grow from the earth like a seed. The new just world will be conceived, like a baby is conceived, like John and Jesus were conceived,... Read More


The Advent of Justice

The season of Advent is about the coming of the one who came to inaugurate God’s kingdom, a kingdom of justice, peace and ecological harmony.  In a world which is more a kingdom of indifference rather than a kingdom of love, a world where injustice often seems more powerful than justice, a world more under the... Read More


A Different World is Emerging

Our creed says that the crucified and risen Jesus is both judge and hope. Judgement and hope are linked because if there is no judgement, then the way things are becomes simply the way things are. Without judgement, we have no ability to acknowledge that things can and should be different. Without God’s judgement,... Read More


Communion of Saints

This is a great hope to us who are alive, that our lives do matter, and that when we die, who and what we are persists. This hope allows us to live and to die well, to offer ourselves in life and in death to the God who is able to transform us from lifeless corpses, into the communion of saints. Read More

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Luther's Legacy

While Martin Luther was provocative, opinionated and belligerent at times, he was also very much aware that none of us escape the taint of sin. Sin touches everything we do, even our most noble efforts, and we can’t escape it. While we should not intentionally sin, we have to act, so we should act with bold trust... Read More