What is Salvation?

What is salvation? There are some strange understandings of salvation that are widely held in Christian circles. But at its root, salvation is God's work of healing a broken creation. In both English and the languages of the Bible, salvation is related to the words for healing and wholeness. Our word salve, which... Read More


Open Hearts

The condition of a person’s heart is one of the chief concerns of Scripture. We may look on people’s appearance, “but God looks on the heart” and it is the condition of the heart that really matters to God. And it matters to God because it affects our relationships with one another. The heart can be open to God... Read More


Non-Violent Holy War

No war can truly be holy if it pursues holy ends by unholy means. Even if you believe a violent war is justified, it is always a compromise with evil. If we must have soldiers, as Reinhold Niebuhr once said, we should have sad soldiers. But a non-violent struggle against poverty, against pollution, against climate... Read More