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BOOK CLUB REPORT FOR APRIL 19, 2016 Eleven members met to welcome the author of The Princess Doll's Scrapbook, Elaine Melby Ayre and her friend and editor, Annette.  This book is the story of the authors search for the stories and details of her ancestors who came from Norway and the tales of their immigration and emigration to and from Canada.  This book reminded us of the hardships endured by refugees in the early days coming for a better way of life.  Elaine tells her story through a worn-out shell of a doll named Princess that was once her grandmothers.  Through the physical restoration of Princess, she gains a curiosity about the family of her past and thus begins the quest for more information.  Elaine eventually travels on her own to the United States to uncover as many facts as she can and discovers on this journey many cousins and other relatives.  Putting her sewing skills to use in the dolls restoration, our group was treated to a fully restored Princess, complete with an authentic wedding dress created by the author.  This book offered good information on how to follow the steps to finding our own family history and the joy that can be had in that adventure. It conjured up good family stories and secrets unfurled by other group members as well.  It was a treat to be able to talk with the actual author.  Our next meeting will be on May 17, 2016 and the book is The Witness Wore Red by Rebecca Musser.