United by Grace

Continuing the series of narrative sermons on the book of Ephesians, I tell the story of an important scribe named Demetrius, whose first contact with the Christian community in Ephesus comes when he is nursed back to health after a life-threatening illness: Demetrius was a skeptical man, and not given to new... Read More


The Riches of Faith

I have always found Paul’s letters difficult to preach on. Most of them were written to address very specific situations, which often have little to do with our current settings. He uses long sentences with lots of subordinate clauses. To put it mildly, he takes a little unpacking. And long explanations strike me... Read More


The Pilgrim Way

For us today, it is easy to travel. It is expensive, but for those with the money, it is possible to cross continents and oceans in only a few hours. But as former UN Secretary General Dag Hammerskjold once wrote, “the longest journey is the journey inward.” The most difficult journey is that in which we set aside... Read More


Citizens and Disciples

The stories of the biblical prophets have a number of insights about citizenship that are worth  reflecting on as we observe our national holiday. Throughout the Older Testament, there is a tension between the rulers of the nation, and the prophets, who call the nation to account to a higher authority. The rulers... Read More